Meditation to me is the practice of returning to your breath in the moments of your days to become more present, to feel and let go of your feeling states, to receive love and light, and to grow your oneness of being.  This does not require a mat and a tranquil place.  It does not require soft music or a candle burning (although those things are lovely and can certainly inspire us to turn inward). 

All that is necessary is that which we carry with us:

Our Breath

Our Body

Our Divine Will

And consciously choosing to open to and receive what is always present:

Love, Light & Fire

The Earth Mother

The Great Spirit

Our Sacred Heart Center

This blog is devoted to offering the Human Family the opportunity to choose love in more moments, to learn how to free fear and pain, to forgive, and to love some more…again, and again, and again.  And certainly to have fun along the way!

The Gift of Breath: part 2

All meditation practices have four common principles: Focus.  It doesn’t matter what you choose to focus on.  It can be anything…a word, an image, a sound, music, a mantra, etc. Breath.  Joining your physiology, you receive and nurture your body with your in-breath, and release and cleanse with your out-breath. Joining.  In meditation you choose to join your breath, your focus, your mind, body and spirit. Returning.  When you get distracted by your thoughts, sounds, sensations, etc., return to your breath and focus. This is nothing you need to memorize.  I’m not going to test you later!  It’s just a …
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The Gift of Breath: part 1

Welcome and thanks for joining me for a few seeds for the soul!  In this blog, I hope to share some of the tools and experiences that serve me and help me to grow my consciousness in this lifetime.  It will be through stories, reflections, exercises, and some guided meditations as well.  The meditations will be grounding meditations, which originates from the Native American culture, and Native Cultures of all kinds: Chinese, Japanese, Eastern Indian, South East Asia, African, Dryads, Celtics, and most Indigenous Cultures.  Grounding is the foundation of all yoga practices, martial arts, and chakra meditations. The Earth …
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